Welcome to our social series and an insight into life at JM2. Here you will find some communal cleaning advice, a look back at our recent events and a trip down memory lane. We wanted to offer our readers light hearted, short snippets into an otherwise very serious role we play on a daily basis.

How to get a lush green lawn, your residents will be delighted with! 🌿

Lawns require a dedicated effort if you would like them to be emerald green all year round.  Lawn care requires fertilisation, regular maintenance and the ability to react to problems as they start to appear. Most importantly, it requires consistent care.

  • Step 1: Raise up your scissors – Never mow too low! ✂️
  • Step 2: Fertilise your lawn – Spring and Autumn are so important! 🚿
  • Step 3: Repair and maintain – Really important so weeds and yellow patches don’t formulate! We have our own special formula for this! 🔱
  • Step 4: Dig out those dreaded dandelions – One dandelion has over 2000 seeds and can really destroy a lawn! ⛏️

These are the basics however they are the vital cogs to a good looking lawn.


Rolling it back to Property Management @ We Are FSTVL 2018!

Flashback Alert! 📸The weather was scorching for it! ☀️ Our next JM2 experience is soon to be unveiled! 🥁We Are excited and hope you are too! 🤣



One of our new JM2 vans sitting pretty before take-off! 😂


Free Property Manager care packs at the ready!😀

We were in Victoria for a Q & A session on JM2’s 7 steps to Creating Clean Communal Living Space. 🗨️ We recorded it live on social media!


The importance of Creating Clean Communal Living Space!

As temperatures soar into mid 30°C heat, it’s really important for our communal areas to be kept clear and clean.   This is so residents and the fire brigade service can enter and exit the building without facing obstruction in the unfortunate event of a fire. ☀️🔥🚒


🥊JM2 are proud to support Louie ‘Loco’ Lynn the young aspiring British boxer

Louie made his professional debut earlier this year which was aired live on Sky Sports. We are excited for Louie’s future and we wish him the best of luck in his journey to the top.


Discovery Dock in its prime elegance! ️ 😆

The view from the balcony is the real wow factor! Our team perform a selection of communal internal and external cleaning requirements on this beauty. It’s always a pleasure to work here especially on days like this!


We were built to be a life line for busy property managers!

Communal Cleanliness and up-to-date communal ground maintenance are vital for ensuring satisfactory health and safety standards in properties. Yet another responsibility that falls on the property manager. Fortunately, JM2 Support Services was built to be a lifeline for these busy individuals.

JM2 provide communal area cleaning, window cleaning, communal garden maintenance and bulk waste removal services exclusively to the block and estate sector. JM2 uses its own unique cloud-based audit and scheduling software to book jobs, assess performance and provide evidence of its attendance and quality of work in real-time.

As JM2’s teams are on site daily, they are trained to be vigilant to health and safety defects and potential hazards. This gives clients peace of mind and keeps them informed and connected to residents whilst eliminating any unnecessary site visits.

If you would like to make an enquiry please contact Racheal, Jeff or a member of our team on 01708 206426.