Say hello to Elliot Vile!

Elliot is Director of communal garden and ground maintenance at JM2. He knows how to make a good first impression!

Elliot’s Top Communal Gardening Tip for Property Managers:

  • When you create a communal garden cleaning programme make sure that your maintenance plan includes, flowerbeds, lawns, shrubberies, boarders, hedge trimming, tree pruning, moss, weed & leaf control. If there are sports facilities on the grounds this will need consideration also.
  • A well-maintained and organised garden maintenance plan will ensure you offer a nice clean outdoors area to relax in especially when paths are kept free of weeds, moss and leaves.
  • Overall we have found that a well-maintained garden has always led to a long-lasting first impression on residents.





RESI Convension proved great value for networking!

We made the journey from London to Celtic Manor Resort! We enjoyed a great opening evening dinner with Earl Kendrick and company. It proved to be an eventful few days of meeting faces old and new! We even tried our hand on the golf course! We find getting to know our clients in a social environment goes much further than a phone call. Trust isn’t developed overnight, it’s developed through a great service and personal interaction.


Hedge Trimming and Tree Pruning isn’t all doom and gloom!

Our communal gardening team were busy in Cambridge earlier this month showing off their skills! ✂️🌿Our specialist team are fully qualified to keep your communal living space in the best possible condition, produce an attractive space for all to enjoy and create a good impression for visitors alike.


4 tips for landscaping and communal gardening in Autumn!

4 Tips for landscaping and communal gardening in Autumn! Autumn is our favourite season to be honest. We will soon see a golden spread of dried leaves everywhere! 😃Here’s some advice from JM2: 1. Pick up the leaves as soon as they start to fall – Gathering leaves as they fall saves a lot of back-breaking work later on in the season as the weather turns less pleasant. 2. Remove Moss – If your lawn is spongy then it is likely you have a problem with moss. The moss plant will quickly spread in shaded areas and will takeover grass so it needs tackling to keep in check. 3. Remove Thatch – Grass clippings, moss and weed will usually form together above the soil. Thatch prevents the lawn from breathing properly and encourages lawn diseases to occur. Watch out! 4. Improve Drainage – Lawns that have been subjected to traffic could be compacted, which will lead to problems with drainage, resulting in the spread of moss or water lying in puddles on the surface. The above will ensure your garden is in the best possible condition to cope with whatever winter has in store for us! ☺️ #propertymanagement #propertymanagers #landscaping #cleaningcontractors #creatingcleancommunallivingspace


Feedback from Property Managers is crucial to our service!

Property Manager feedback is crucial! 📝Listening to feedback from Property Managers has allowed us to consistently provide a high level of service to suit individual development needs. 🏘️ For us the customer journey is so important.  Building our service around property manager and leaseholder requirements has allowed us to deliver value consistently and in doing so has brought JM2 together as a very close knit team. Part of the reason why we love what we do.  #customerexperience