JM2 advise us on their top tips

A key aspect of a resident’s comfort and safety is a well-maintained building, we spoke to JM2 to find out the process they go through to ensure the blocks they provide services to are well kept and promote pride both inside and out.

Jeff Whiley, Commercial Director, said ‘When commissioning general maintenance to blocks of flats, it makes sense to plan well. A well-maintained building should have a predetermined plan of all the maintenance tasks required. It is very important not to overlook the basic everyday maintenance as this is essential to the overall maintenance plan.

If all this sounds obvious then it means you are on the road to a successfully creating clean communal living space. Unfortunately, there are many cases where the obvious is overlooked or ignored.

  1. Request a free communal maintenance evaluation

A free evaluation is provided to anyone interested in services that JM2 offer, whilst we might be asked to quote on window cleaning, providing a full audit enables property managers and RMC Directors to see their block through a fresh set of eyes, often resulting in improvements that can be made to the look or feel of the building.

  1. Create a communal maintenance plan

Your service provider should conduct a full internal and external communal maintenance audit using their bespoke cloud-based auditing software. This will identify all key areas of the building to be maintained.

  1. Conduct a Communal Maintenance Review meeting

Our management team will meet with the property manager onsite to review the proposed communal maintenance plan in detail and make any necessary amendments.

A Maintenance Plan will be created to look at all areas of the building, from the cleaning of the windows, the condition of the carpets to jet washing of pathways, walls and carparks etc.

An inspection of you’re guttering or downpipes takes place for clearance and we take care of pest control, bin store jet washing & clearance, and any bulk items that need to be removed.

Once agreed, the communal maintenance plan will form a service level agreement that is emailed for electronic sign off by JM2 and the relevant property manager.

  1. Activate Communal Area Maintenance Plan

Once the soft services have been agreed, a site-specific information pack will be prepared in line with the communal maintenance plan which contains the follow key details;

  • Instructions for each communal maintenance team
  • Site specific specification of works
  • Risk assessment for all relevant tasks
  • Safe system of work
  • COSHH Data Sheets
  • COSHH Risk Assessments
  • Accident Report Book
  • Company Insurance Details
  • Staff Acknowledgement Sign Off
  1. Assign communal maintenance services to the relevant teams

Using our online communal maintenance scheduling software, the JM2 management team will upload all details of the agreed maintenance plan allowing assigned operatives access to the job details via the JM2 scheduling app on their smartphones.

  1. Quality Communal Maintenance Actioned

What happens now is:

  • Communal maintenance visits will commence on the agreed date and continue regularly in line with the period agreed in the service agreement (12 months approx.)
  • All communal maintenance works are electronically signed off in real-time by our site operatives and the property manager or resident if present.

The Property Manager will have access to these documents at all times via our innovative reporting system.

  1. Monitoring of JM2 team performance and service standards

Our management team carry out regular performance audits giving each development a rating. These audits are carried out by our cleaning operations manager to ensure that our teams are working to the highest possible standards.

In addition to auditing the standard of service being provided, we also highlight building defects that the property managers may not be aware of, these can include broken doors and dumped bulk waste etc.

These audits are emailed in real-time directly to the Property Managers inbox from the site or development.

To find out more about JM2 or to request you’re free Property Management Pack, visit their website  or contact Rachael Bennion, Client Relationship Manager for a discussion now.