Window cleaning with a water fed pole gives us the ability to reach higher floors, without leaving the ground.  Making sites safer for our team and residents.

Water fed poles are made from carbon fibre, making the pole lighter and giving us access to reach even the 6th floor.

Our specialist systems use 100% pure water. In addition to the 15,000 litres of pure water we produce a day at our Essex HQ, our vans have the ability to produce pure water of their own if needed using on board RO filters allowing us to carry on until the job is complete.

In comparison to traditional window cleaning using tap water, pure water does not need to be dried. The windows are left wet and when dry there are no marks are left. This gives us the ability to reach higher floors without the need to be at the window itself.

Most people are alarmed when their window cleaner appears at the window, often unsure what to do while he is cleaning. With the water fed pole system, residents privacy is ensured as we never need to leave the ground and surprise them!

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