Whilst carpet are a superb choice of flooring it is particularly important that you care for your communal flooring with regular cleaning and here’s why.

  1. Improves residents health

Carpet is well known for becoming a haven for allergens and bacteria. If residents are accustomed to asthma or breathing problems, airborne particles in carpets can lead to further problems.

  1. Improves Airflow in your block

As crazy as it sounds, unclean carpets are a common source of clogged airflow inside blocks of flats.

Carpets often become saturated with dirt and debris and regular vacuuming will not ensure that your air is kept clean and clear which is why a deep clean is necessary from time to time.

  1. Improves the look and feel

As dust can build up after time, it can become matted between the fibres in the carpet, this can lead to the carpet looking and feeling old. To extend the lifetime of the carpet, it is vital to have a professional clean. This helps to get rid of the dirt and dust that is eating away at the fibres.

  1. Eliminating carpet stains

By having a professional carpet clean, this can eliminate carpet stains, especially in high traffic areas. Professional carpet cleaning can reach deeper into the carpet padding, this will get the marks out of your carpet for good.

  1. Increases lifespan

Having the right maintenance is important. Sometimes carpets are replaced because they look old or dirty, when you could be saving money, by getting a professional clean. It is recommended to professionally clean your carpet once a year, especially in high traffic areas.

  1. Prevent mould growth caused from water damage.

All carpets that are exposed to high humidity or damaged because of water leaks, can be subject to mould growth. The special drying methods used by professional cleaning can prevent the mould growth.


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